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A Prescription for Success

At Remedy’sRx, we know precisely what today’s customers and owners want. It’s that understanding that has made us the fastest-growing independent pharmacy network in Canada. Our revolutionary approach helps independent pharmacies compete against the large chain stores without giving up the small but important details that make them unique.

In a highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, we’re creating a brighter future for independents. How do we do it? Our programs, which include best-in-class professional support, cutting-edge pharmacy services and technology, innovative tools, store design, real estate, financial management, private label and merchandising support. We help owners modernize their operations and provide their customers with better care.

If you want to deliver more to your customers while maximizing your profitability, talk to us about joining the Remedy’sRx family today.

Our Business

When you join the fastest-growing independent pharmacy network in Canada, you’ll gain access to our
comprehensive program that offers pharmacy owners:

  • The purchasing power of chains
  • Support services specially designed to help independents grow
  • Professional practice and pharmacy management support
  • Comprehensive marketing and advertising programs
  • Secure, store-owner web access for internal communication and marketing materials
  • Comprehensive private label product line
  • Best-in-class logistics and distribution, including access to the leading retail automation and ordering systems
  • State-of-the-art store location and facility development services systems
  • Signage conversion program and renovation support
  • Succession planning opportunities, helping to secure the future of your pharmacy


We’ll take care of your marketing so you can take care of their health.

In today’s competitive environment, an independent pharmacy needs to connect with its customers in a unique way. One of the benefits of being a Remedy’sRx pharmacy is that we work closely with our owners to create marketing plans that help differentiate their pharmacy from the competition, draw customers in, and keep them coming back.

Full-service marketing support

From planning to design and copywriting to implementation, we take care of everything. Our team speaks the same language as newspapers and print suppliers to ensure you get what you want, when you want it, at a good price.

Customized marketing materials

No two pharmacies are alike. We create custom materials that speak about the services you offer in a format that engages the specific demographics in your community.

Event support

We offer step-by-step guidance on organizing events that will attract new patients and make a splash in your community.

Pharmacy-level marketing

Every month, our owners receive an email with easy-to-do marketing ideas based on the experiences and successes of other Remedy’sRx locations.

Online presence

Every Remedy’sRx pharmacy has its own microsite that owners can customize to showcase their services. We also help with building and maintaining a social media presence.

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A Prescription for Caring

Merchandising plays a critical role in helping you grow your front shop sales. It can dramatically impact how your customers feel about your store, from their first glimpse of the exterior to their shopping experience inside.

Our Remedy’sRx merchandising team is available to assist you with planograms and merchandising support to keep your store looking fresh, exciting and appealing. A clean, well merchandised store will entice consumers to shop at your pharmacy, adding strong incremental margin to your bottom line. Planograms Planograms are strategically developed to ensure proper product placement on the shelf to maximize store sales and margin.


Planograms are strategically developed to ensure proper product placement on the shelf to maximize store sales and margin. Planograms are structured off the latest AC Neilson data ensuring no key SKUs or new product innovation is overlooked. Since no two pharmacies are alike, we have multiple planogram sets developed to ensure all pharmacies have a planogram that fits within the linear footage available.

Seasonal Sundry and Confectionary Programs

Full seasonal sundry and confectionery programs (e.g. Christmas, Halloween, Easter) are structured to ensure that both small and large format pharmacies can take advantage of the product selection available and the associated deals. Promotional activity is planned around these programs to solicit consumer awareness and to assist with product sell-through in your pharmacy.

Seasonal Booking Programs

Seasonal booking programs are designed to ensure pharmacies have sufficient inventory on hand to accommodate the increase in demand during specific times of the year. Cough/Cold, Allergy and Sun Care are just a few examples of some of these programs. The booking events consist of a wide selection of products that are seasonally driven, supported by significant buy-in deals with extended dating payment terms. They are a great opportunity for pharmacies to buy against, build section displays, drive overall front shop sales and more importantly, increase margins.

Private Label

atoma® is the private label program for Remedy'sRx. Its unique "Pharmacist Approved" sales proposition allows consumers to save with peace of mind. atoma's promise of high-quality and greater affordability versus national brands delivers both on perception and reality of value. atoma® consists of more than 750 great value, pharmacist approved over the counter (OTC) products focused on health, wellness and hygiene. It allows you to maximise the value of your front shop with an OTC offering that is relevant to your pharmacy practice. 

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Store Development

We help you present a fresh face to the world.

Boost the competitiveness and profitability of your pharmacy with the fresh look and innovative approach of Remedy’sRx. Independent pharmacy owners across Canada are getting on board with our exciting new retail concept.

Our experienced team of Project Managers have extensive knowledge in store design, effective merchandising and operations. We provide a turnkey pharmacy solution that works best for you and your patients. Working with our preferred vendors we are able to provide you with a complete pharmacy that will meet both your budget and Remedy'sRx high standards.

The Remedy'sRx brand creates a welcoming environment and reinforces your position as a trusted healthcare professional. Our consumer tested pharmacy design uses clean and colourful graphics that are highly appealing to your customers.

We provide:

• Professional design consultation for your pharmacy - CAD services provided

• Decor options to effectively execute your pharmacy's new look

• Exterior and interior branding to position your pharmacy as the destination for healthcare products and services.

Ask us about our store conversion program that simplifies switching to new interior and exterior Remedy'sRx brand signage.

Real Estate

For success, location is vital

Help from start to finish. Looking to build a new pharmacy and don’t know where to start? Our Real Estate division will assist from the ground up. We will help you identify new store construction sites for existing and new members of the Remedy’sRx family as part of our overall plan to strengthen independent pharmacy in Canada.

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Competitive Buying Program 

You can compete more effectively with the large chains thanks to our buying program with preferred pharmacy vendors. Through our strong relationships with suppliers, our members take advantage of competitive pricing and gain access to exclusive deals with manufacturers. Our purchasing program meets the needs of your business, reduces your purchasing costs and improves your bottom line. 

Superior Operational Support 

Our seasoned team of professionals consider all aspects of your pharmacy to maximize profitability and streamline operations. We ensure store owners receive the support they need to develop a sound business plan, and offer guidance on the execution and implementation of these plans through regular pharmacy visits. 

If you are considering selling, buying or renovating a pharmacy, talk to us first. We can work together to match you up with the right buyer or seller, plus provide you with the right capital solution. There are also lease programs available for equipment and other upgrades. We encourage Remedy’sRx owners who are making important financial decisions to contact us to find out how we can help. 

Succession Planning – Securing the Future of independent Pharmacy 

Succession planning is essential for most businesses to ensure continued success and growth. Remedy'sRx offers several succession planning programs to provide a stronger future for independent pharmacy in Canada. By working together, we can help keep independent Pharmacy in the hands of independents. 

Current Owners Program 

When should I sell? How do I sell to an independent? How do I get a fair price? 

These are the three most commonly asked questions we hear from pharmacy owners. We will help you create a discrete, custom solution to help you capitalize on available opportunities. Here are a few things to consider: 

• Selling to a corporate chain is not the only option. In our experience, preserving a legacy is important to many independent owners and they prefer to sell to fellow independent pharmacists. Let Remedy’sRx show you how to get the best return for the hard work and lifelong commitment you invested in your pharmacy. 

• We can help identify an appropriate candidate whose enthusiasm and motivation will maintain the business you’ve built over the years and grow it for the future.

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