Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing available in pharmacies across Ontario.



Your pharmacist is the perfect bridge to connect you with any other healthcare professional your treatment may require.

If you can’t meet your family doctor in time or do not have a family doctor at all, this is where our partnerships with GotoDoctor, and Tia Health come in handy by giving you a convenient access to a doctor via an online telemedicine platform.

The doctor will be in discussion with your pharmacist about the best treatment for you, your needs and lifestyle. It’s a perfect match!
Accessible care has never been more convenient


•  Available and free of charge in Manitoba and Ontario
•  Access a licensed physician through your phone, tablet or computer
•  Over 70 doctors on our team
•  Appointments available 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends

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•  Available nationwide in Canada
•  Provide video chat, phone and secure messaging consultations with licensed Canadian doctors
•  Choose from a large variety of doctors across Canada with different specialties

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Your pharmacist

Your pharmacist is a frontline healthcare professional that can help you with more than just your prescriptions. They can also act as a main point of contact for any questions about your health and medication.

To discover what they can do for you in depth, read the article below on their scope of work.

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