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Travel Health Clinics

Medication Review

Need help with your medications? Your Remedy’sRx pharmacist will meet with you to review all your medications to ensure you are getting the most benefit from them.

Flu Shots

Compliance Packaging

Medications work best when taken correctly. We can help you take the right medication, the right dose at the right time.

Heart Health Clinics

Diabetes Support

Want better control of your diabetes? We provide personalized consultations to manage medications, dosing and help you reach blood sugar targets.

Diabetes Clinics

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Your Remedy’sRx pharmacist can assist you with monitoring your blood pressure, understanding the numbers and discuss ways to help you stay heart healthy.

Safe Medication Disposal

The Medications Return Program is a safe and easy way to dispose of drugs we all have in our homes. The purpose is to collect unused or expired medications from the public before they are disposed of in the garbage or poured down sewers and drains.

For information specific to your province, visit www.healthsteward.ca

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Why Remedy’sRx

From the moment you step inside a Remedy’sRx independent pharmacy, you’ll experience a level of personal attention unmatched by the larger chains. Because we’re focused on building relationships with members of the communities in which our pharmacies reside, we’ve built a reputation for going above and beyond our customers’ every expectation. Experience the warmth of a Remedy’sRx pharmacy for yourself.

Pharmacist Approved Products

Introducing atoma, high-quality products with the same active ingredients as national brands, but at lower prices. Look for our "Pharmacist Approved" Molecular Man icon on atoma products and buy with peace of mind.

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Are you a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Owner?

Discover more about Canada's fastest growing Independent Pharmacy network.

Our revolutionary approach helps independent pharmacies compete against the large chain stores without giving up the small but important details that make them unique.

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